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Aaron Glass Central Texas Drilling is a Glass family owned, full service water well drilling company operating in Austin, Dripping Springs, and the greater Hill Country for the last 100 years. Aaron Glass and the staff at Central Texas Drilling is committed to delivering reliable, quality well service. Your family’s water supply is as important to us as it is to you!

For Over a Century…

Across five generations, The Glass family—which eventually evolved to Centex Pump & Supply—has drilled, installed, and serviced water wells across six counties in Central Texas encompassing the city of Austin and towns like Dripping Springs, Blanco, Bee Cave, and more.

In 1902 using horse-driven rigs, Frank Glass began drilling water wells for Austin, Dripping Springs, and the larger Central Texas area.

Almost 70 years later, Frank purchased Central Texas Drilling and has continued the company’s legacy of quality work. In 1991, Frank’s son, Aaron, took over the pump division of Central Texas Drilling and started his own company: Centex Pump and Supply.

Meeting customers’ water needs through expert drilling technique is more than a family tradition. It’s a family mission.

Experience is Key

Select a water well driller that is established. This is very important when obtaining records concerning your water well, extended warranty, or pump. The Aaron Glass well drilling team, with five generations of Glass family experience behind it, should be able to provide the formation and common well depth in Austin, Dripping Springs, or another area within Central Texas.

When you are ready to have an estimate faxed or mailed, please contact Central Texas Drilling to provide information regarding your property.

Important:  Once we have information about your property, we can also assist or direct you in obtaining any permits that may be required in your area.

When you receive your estimate, call to schedule a meeting at the property so Frank or Aaron Glass can help you “spot your well site.” When spotting your water well, we will be able to pick the most appropriate path leading into your property. Any necessary land clearing can also be discussed at this time. Please keep in mind that when spotting water wells, certain state and county laws apply, such as:

  1. The well must be 50 feet from from property line,
  2. 100 to 150 feet from any drain fields depending on the county and district,
  3. 50 feet from septic tank,
  4. And necessary cementing typically varies from 20-100 feet

Should you have any questions regarding estimates, permits, spotting, etc., please call Central Texas Drilling at (512) 894-0555 and our staff will be happy to assist you in any way!

Do it Yourself

How to Insulate a Water Well
  • Insulate all brass and PVC fittings using R19 fiberglass insulation.  Make this waterproof by covering it with 2” electrical water tight tape (NOT DUCT TAPE!)
  • Be sure to insulate completely around the pressure switch.  Then use an all-weather burial type box to cover the switch, stuff insulation in this box and place over the insulated control center/pressure switch.
  • Also, be sure to install a ½” or ¾” PVC or galvanized nipple, thread this into the female threads of the pressure relief valve (at the well head).  Cover the pressure relief valve leaving an opening for the water to be able to spray out of the nipple (in the event that the pressure rises too high, the water will be able to escape).
  • Wrap insulation around all of the plumbing leading up to and under the pressure tank.  Stuff extra insulation under the footing of the tank and wrap the tank halfway up from the bottom.
 How to Check Air in Pressure Tank
  • Turn power off
  • Drain water off pressure tank
  • Check air with tire standard 100lb gauge; should be 38 psi
  • If not, try adding air to tank with air compressor
  • If it holds, check again in 3 days
  • If it does not hold, call for service
How to Chlorinate a Water Well
  • Locate ½” plug and/or vent pipe at top of well (should have ½” vent pipe or ½” blue plastic plug)
  • Unscrew plug and install funnel
  • Pour 3 gallons of bleach in (NOT CLOROX – call to check brand with us) followed by 5 gallons of water
  • Turn hose-bib on at the pressure tank and run until you can smell chlorine, then shut off well for 6 hours (overnight)
  • Flush well until smell of chlorine is no longer detected and chlorination is complete


Frequently Asked Questions

No Water?

Possible Causes:

  • Ants
  • Bad Breaker
  • Power Problems

Locate the control center. Check power to pressure switch located at pressure tank above pressure gauge.

Check overloads under control box. You should have 1 or 2 red overload buttons that can be tripped to restart the pump and motor.

Low Pressure?

If you have low pressure at the house, check water pressure at the well. If pressure is low at the well, then you probably need a service call.

If you have low pressure at the house, but good pressure at the well, then check any in-line filters you have between the house and the well.

Water Spraying?

If water is spraying out of pop-off valve at the top of the well-head, then turn the power off and call for service.


"We have worked with Centex Pump & Supply on numerous occasions and we have been beyond impressed by their professionalism, hospitality and quality of work. We would without a doubt recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy water well company. They are simply amazing!"

Caroline D. BradfordRealtor, CTI Real Estate Services

"Since we moved into the Dripping Springs area 12 years ago, we have exclusively used Centex Pump & Supply for all of our building projects, and will continue to do so in the future. Their office staff and other employees are honest, helpful, kind and knowledgeable of every aspect of installing and repairing water wells. They stand behind their work 100%. They do an amazing job, in a timely manner, and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone that might need any type of well services done."

Marvin SommerfeldSommerfeld Construction, Inc.

"Central Texas Drilling drills all of the wells on the custom homes we build. We rely on their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the area. Not only are they competitively priced but they use nothing but the best equipment and have a staff that is professional and keeps us informed all through the process."

D.H. BadgerBadger Custom Homes

"My husband and I would like to thank your company for responding so quickly. The two young men whom came to our home were very professional; we felt we were in good hands. There is no doubt we will recommend Centex Pump and Supply to everyone we know."

Sonia Fyffe

"I, Jack Dabney, owner of Dabney Homes, have been building in the Dripping Springs area for twelve years. I have built many custom and spec homes, all of which have required a private well. Since I began working with Central Texas Drilling approximately ten years ago, I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with their service and warranty work. Not only do they show up on time and do the work when they say they are going to, but they do quality, first class work. I know that I don’t have to worry about following up to make sure that the job was done correctly. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions concerning Central Texas Drilling."

Jack DabneyOwner, Dabney Custom Homes

"In October 2003, Centex Pump and Supply drilled and completed a water well on our future home site near Dripping Springs. We were extremely pleased with their work. Mr. Aaron Glass spent a lot of time with us, explaining the well, what needed to be done, and how he would do it. We felt that the cost estimate was very accurate and fair. Since we were conducting most of the business from Houston, we were a little anxious, but Centex did exactly what they said they would, and in the time frame that they had indicated to us. Besides the workmanship appearing to be excellent, Centex left the building site in better condition than when they arrived. Except for the wellhead, you would never know they had been working in that area. In addition, they were very careful in maneuvering their equipment around our trees. Centex Pump and Supply would certainly be our first and only choice if we ever put in another water well. Their employees were just the kind of people you hope to do business with. It is a fair and honest company with great, friendly people who we enjoyed dealing with!"

Cliff & Barbara Scates

"It is not often you find a company like yours that believes in honesty, integrity and responsibility. If someone asks me about water wells, there is no doubt that Central Texas Drilling is the only name that I give. Central Texas Drilling has taken complete care of all well drilling, well service, repairs and warranty for my customers and my family for over 15 years. There is no need to look any further than Central Texas Drilling and Centex Pump."

Dennis BohlsOwner, Austin Outline, Inc.

"Manville Water Supply Corp. has been using the services of Central Texas Drilling Co. for over twenty years. We are very pleased with the service we receive; they are prompt, considerate and efficient. We highly recommend Central Texas Drilling to other systems from new wells to repairing existing wells."

Tony GrafGeneral Manager, Manville Water Supply Corp.

"Central Texas Drilling has been drilling and maintaining our water wells for over 15 years. They have consistently and promptly worked with and without fault. The service department and office staff are both responsive and helpful, as wells as friendly and professional. We consider ourselves fortunate to work with both Frank and Aaron Glass and their drilling crews. Central Texas Drilling is always our first choice for water well and drilling services."

Peter StrobelOwner, Peter Strobel & Associates, Inc.

"We have been customers of Central Texas Drilling and Centex Pump for almost 20 years. Central Texas Drilling drilled our well and Centex Pump has serviced it since then. We don’t get to see them very often because we seldom have problems. When there is a problem they always attempt to solve it in the most economical and timely manner. We are usually pleasantly surprised with the charges. And they are very gracious when they make a service call for something stupid we have done…like not resetting the breaker! We highly recommend the service personnel and the friendly office staff."

Mike & Pat Sargent


Aaron Glass well services strive to provide the best water well and drilling for every job. Central Texas Drilling achieves this by focusing on the details, keeping our business professional, and keeping the client informed along the way.
Contact us today to find out how we can help you achieve your water well and drilling needs.